Welcome to Discover with Dex!

Discover the world through English with Dex.

Discover with Dex is a three-level course for teaching English at pre-primary level. It has been designed to provide a supportive and enjoyable learning context for young children to learn through play in English.


Each level has six units, with two additional units for PLUS users. Each lesson follows a unit theme, following a progression which first focusses on vocabulary and then introduces the story. With accompanying songs, British nursery rhymes, action videos, and a suite of games encouraging progression from receptive understanding to productive responses, Dex is the perfect companion for children discovering the world through English.


Components for Students
  • Pupil's Book
  • Pupil's Book PLUS
  • Literacy Book (level 2)
  • Pupil's Practice Kit
Components for Teachers
  • Teacher's Book
  • Teacher's Presentation Kit
  • Dex Magic Phonics
  • Teacher's Resource Centre
  • Audio CDs
  • Flashcards, Storycards, Wallhanging
  • Puppet


Meet the characters


Meet Dex, Charlie, Meg and Buddy!

Dex is a loveable and enthusiastic dinosaur – he is a little clumsy but always eager to learn about and engage with the world around him! He arrives in a prehistoric egg in the family’s garden at the start of the course. The family adopt him, and Dex’s adventures with Charlie, Meg and Buddy the dog begin. Your pupils’ language learning is brought to life through the stories, inviting them to connect with the world around them through English.


Why choose Dex?


Early life skills such as cooperating and good behaviour provide an excellent foundation for primary education.
The fully-integrated e-Kit includes all your digital resources in one place for participative lessons with a focus on digital literacy.
Exciting language-rich lessons immerse pupils in English-speaking culture from day one.
The Dex Magic Phonics tool ensures great pronunciation and is the first step towards life-long literacy skills.
The PLUS edition provides extended vocabulary and content with added projects and extra features, plus a springboard to literacy via the optional Literacy Book.

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