Meet the authors

Sandie Mourão is a teacher educator, author and consultant specialising in Early Years language education, with a PhD in didactics and teacher education from the University of Aveiro. Before Discover with Dex, Sandie contributed as an author on Captain Jack, Best Buddies, and other coursebooks, and was course consultant on Dex the Dino. See Sandie’s website for more information:






Claire Medwell is a teacher, teacher trainer and independent materials writer. Specialising in teaching English to Infant and Primary learners, she currently works as a part-time teacher focusing primarily on content-based learning. She devotes the rest of her time to teacher training projects both nationally and internationally and the development of new teaching materials. Before Dex the Dino, Claire co-authored the Cheeky Monkey series and was course consultant on Discover with Dex.



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