Teacher's Presentation Kit and Dex Magic Phonics

Interactive digital resources for presentation and practice.



The Discover with Dex Teacher’s Presentation Kit is a suite of easy-to-use downloadable materials for interactive whiteboards or projectors including Pupil’s Book worksheets with integrated stories, songs and video, extra interactive activities, a vocabulary tool, story tool and access to Dex Magic Phonics.


The Teacher’s Presentation Kit includes:

  • Interactive activities for the class, making learning hands-on and participative.
  • Worksheets to project and complete together as a class, and to serve as a model for children to complete independently.
  • Nursery rhyme videos with real British children, introducing British culture in a way that is engaging for the age group.
  • Songs and action videos that make language learning memorable and fun, and that provide a model for miming.
  • Animated stories that bring the characters to life and create an engaging context for learning.
  • CLIL videos that set English in the context of the real world.
  • Pop-up teaching notes that integrate the print and digital materials, meaning support is never more than a click away.
  • Access to Dex Magic Phonics, an easy-to-use digital synthetic phonics component that complements Discover with Dex, helping develop perfect pronunciation and early literacy.


As a Discover with Dex teacher, you will also have access to the Pupil’s Digital Kit – see Pupil’s Digital Kit.



To access all these resources, please follow these steps.

1. Download the Macmillan Education Everywhere app for Windows or Mac here.

2. Once you have downloaded the correct version for your Operating System, install and open the MEE application and register for an account (if you don't already have one).

3. Log in to your MEE bookshelf (you need to be online the first time you log in).

4. Activate your access code (you need to be online).

5. Download your resource (you need to be online).


You will find your access code on the inside front cover of your book. If you have any problems accessing your digital resources please contact help@macmillan.com

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